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We all long to know we matter.

We want to know that what we do makes a difference.

Most people wonder if they make any impact at all.


I love helping people see the truths about Jesus, His Word and who we are made to be.


Sometimes that comes through a message on a stage at a camp or conference.


Sometimes that comes over a cup of coffee (that may be what you drink, but I prefer anything but that) and sitting down to share our hearts.


Sometimes it’s on a call or zoom.


Sometimes it’s playing games and laughing because we were created to experience a range of emotions and playing is important like working is.


Long ago I grabbed the truth in Matthew 22:37-41. Jesus is being asked by a religious leader what the most important commandment is. In simple terms, he said, “Love God…love others.” That is what I want to be about. Loving God and loving others and helping people to live the same way.


You were cerated in the image of God.

You are His image-bearer!


You matter!


I believe in you!


I would love to work with you in whatever capacity would serve you best.

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Erik w/a “k” has been in full-time youth ministry since 1993. Having worked in Atlanta, Oregon and Southern California in different settings as youth pastor, middle school pastor, NextGen director of a regional denomination headquarters and NextGen pastor of a multi-site church, he has experienced ministry in all sorts of settings.  He currently is a certified youth ministry coach, coaching youth pastors and students.


In that time he authored Y is for Youth Worker and co-authored Inside Out Youth Worker and contributor to the Make a Difference Bible (coming soon).


He has been married since 1994 and has 4 kids (1 on worship staff at Bayside Church, 1. A youth pastor at Bayside Church and 2 at home). He loves to play family games, go on walks, surf, write parodies, make fun videos, speak and lead worship. If he isn’t dreaming, using his creativity and connecting with people he isn’t living fully the way he was designed. :)


Let me know how I can help. Whether it's speaking, coaching or something else. I hope I can serve you. Feel free to drop me a note and we can connect.

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