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I have 3 full decades of youth ministry under my belt AND you will feel like you are the only person I am coaching. You will feel cared for, heard and known. I will bring authenticity, trust and wisdom.

Whether you're new in ministry or a veteran, coaching is about transformation. Let me help you move forward.


Coaching Services


Ricky Logsden, Youth Pastor Roseburg Alliance - Roseburg, OR

About six months ago I began exploring the idea of a youth ministry coach, as I believe one should never stop honing their craft. As I thought about WHO might be a good resource, Erik w/a K popped into my mind almost instantly. Having Erik as a youth ministry mentor has changed the game! I’ve been a youth pastor for 12 years and am still learning so much from him.

David Kao, Youth Pastor
San Jose Christian Alliance
San Jose, CA

Erik has extensive experience working as a youth pastor, a youth point person for a few states as well as a leader to organize for some national events. His experience and his struggles have encouraged me to see life beyond myself and center myself in God's identity of me. He is authentic in our conversations, being a person I can rely on for prayer, wisdom and a confidante.

Hylke Hylkema, NextGen Pastor Discovery Church - Orlando, FL

Erik is an exceptional coach! He helps me process and breakthrough log jams, gain perspective, and keeps me moving forward towards my ministry goals. He is personal, caring, a shepherd, and a leader of leaders. I love my time with Erik.


Does your student need help moving forward? Are they stuck and can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything about it? Coaching is about transformation. Do you want to see your student find transformation in their life?

What are their goals? Not sure? That’s something we can talk about. Know their goals and just need help finding success there? Yup. That’s what coaching is about.


I help students find success and joy through their places where they are stuck so they can experience freedom.


  • Certified in Youth Ministry coaching by the National Association of Youth Coaching 

  • Youth Pastor for 4 years in Atlanta

  • Middle School Pastor for 8 years in Oregon

  • Next Gen Director at district office for 10 years

  • Pastor over Student ministry for 5 years in Southern California

  • Next Gen Pastor for 3 years overseeing babies - young adults for 4 campuses in Southern California

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