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I have a great passion for speaking!
Anything with a C really.


Adam Williams
Kenmore Alliance Church

I have known Erik for many years and finally had a chance to have Erik speak with my students for a fall retreat. He did an amazing job and I have students to this day who remember the words from his messages. Erik not only did a great job communicating with our students but also did a great job entering into their world. He made a point to be present the whole weekend to serve and minister to my students. Erik is more than just a speaker, he is a ministry partner. He will come alongside of what you are doing and bless you in more ways than just functioning in a speaking role. If you are looking for your next speaker for your students, look no further than Erik w/a "k"!

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Steve Clark
Delta Lake Camp

Erik does a wonderful job connecting with the young people and communicating the truths of God's Word.  He's engaged in the day-to-day camp operation and he goes out of his way to make sure the students know how much he cares about them...and more importantly, how much God cares about them!


Zach Provan
Bayside Church

Erik went above and beyond for our high school ministry to illustrate the love that God has for each of our students and His desire to have us follow him. More than anything, his passion for the Bible was contagious to everyone in the room including myself.


Brian Condello
Salem Alliance Church

Erik is a dynamic, always relevant, always grounded in Scripture speaker who will engage with your students. But even more than his speaking ability, when Erik is offstage he will connect with your students in a deep and genuine way that will make them feel seen and known.


Michael Gilmore
South Pacific Alliance District

To put it simply, Erik is memorable! Whenever I’ve heard him speak, he shares the truth of Jesus with such enthusiasm, stories, and illustrations, his point just seems to stick with you. 

Whether it’s 7 or 7,000 I have spoken at it and am excited to serve you and your ministry if I can. Camps, conferences, retreats, staff team building, parent events, men’s retreats, breakout seminars, etc.

My goal is to help catapult your ministry forward by coming alongside you and discovering what your goal is. I win when you win. Bringing humor, storytelling and Scripture together to teach truths to your audience. 

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